Tyler Apartment Association

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Owner/Management Company Members

If you own rental property in Anderson, Bowie, Cass, Cherokee, Delta, Franklin, Hopkins, Rains, Red River, Smith or Van Zandt Counties, we offer a host of member benefits for Owners, Management Companies and Brokers.   Membership benefits owners that have as few as one rental dwelling.  We provide access to:

  • Leasing Forms and Forms Software
  • The TAA Redbook, a guide to statutes and regulations affecting the Texas rental housing industry.
  • Credit Reporting partner for low-cost resident screening.
  • Programs and Education designed to expand knowledge of the industry
  • Industry related publications
  • Rental Surveys of the Tyler Market
  • Meeting, Seminars, Conventions and Trade Shows
  •  A list of qualified Supply Partners Members
  • Members Savings Program providing incentives for members with many Supply Partners through TAA and NAA.

Submit Application to: ae@tyleraptassoc.com

If you would like to pay with a credit card, please send the application by email and request a credit card invoice.

Membership Application

Rental Property Print Flyer

Transfer of Ownership Information

If your property has changed management companies or you have sold the property to a new owner.  The membership that you paid will be transferable until the new year starts on April 1st.  Please fill out the Membership Transfer Application and send it in to the association. 

Membership Transfer Application

 Your annual membership investment for all membership types,  include all benefits and privileges of membership in the:

Supply Partner Membership Benefits

The Tyler Apartment Association is a great way for a business to expand and grow. This organization represents many property owners and management companies that need products and services. The members of our organization take pride in membership and doing business with other members. Below I have listed the many benefits being a member has to offer.


The Tyler Apartment Association offers several opportunities to market your business and gain name recognition among members of the association. As a member, you will receive an ad on our Web Site. As part of the local association, you also have access to state and national advertising venues.

Networking & Support

Networking is the key to developing a business and we offer many opportunities for Product / Service Members to network with decision makers and other Product / Service Members.  The TYAA wants to see each of our member’s businesses grow, so this group is designed to share business leads and ideas with each other.

Contacts and Mailing Lists

As a member of the Tyler Apartment Association, you have the privilege of having a copy of our membership list, which can help grow your business. Access to this information can assist you in making contacts and sales.


Throughout the year, Product / Service Members have many opportunities to network and discuss business with other members and decision makers. Becoming active in these events and committees is Key, this will allow you to develop relationships with potential customers and establish name identification for your business.

Event Sponsorships

Members have the chance to sponsor several different events. These sponsorships give businesses recognition through advertisement and are a great way to develop branding among members.

Submit Application to: ae@tyleraptassoc.com

Membership Application